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At Brentwood, we don’t settle for being unmatched; it’s our baseline. Our commitment to surpassing expectations is woven into every interaction as we go the extra mile to serve our customers.

With over 35 years in the water and wastewater industry, we go above and beyond, consistently delivering results you can depend on. Committed to your future success, we refine and innovate our techniques, designs, and processes, staying ahead of the curve while maintaining stringent quality standards every step of the way.

Choosing Brentwood means choosing confidence. You can trust that our products will not only meet but exceed your expectations and also be backed by our unmatched expertise, innovation, performance, and quality. Your dedicated team is ready to guide you every step of the way today, tomorrow, and together.

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    Polychem® Chain and Flight Scraper Systems

    Brentwood has vast experience with sludge collector systems, with over 25,000 installations and more than 11 million feet of collector chain in operation worldwide. Polychem chain and flight collectors are comprised of the finest quality components available in today’s market and with the exception of hardware, all submerged equipment is nonmetallic. Reliably constructed and economically designed, these products function efficiently as part of any rectangular clarifier system.

    We're Unmatched.

    Decades of Experience
    Decades of Experience

    Our experience with chain and flight scraper systems dates back to more than 40 years ago, with one of our most pivotal milestones being the installation of the first 100% nonmetallic chain and flight system in 1984. Over the years, Polychem has continued pushing industry standards, inventing the first nonmetallic head shaft, developing heavy duty flight options for wide tank applications, and incorporating the SmartGuard® monitoring system into the overall collector design.

    Polychem System Assembly and Installation
    Expertly-Engineered Components

    Our extensive knowledge of collector systems and drive to serve our customers’ needs resulted in TrueSpan™: a new, field-adjustable system with the adaptability to fit a wide range of tank sizes. TrueSpan’s unique, off-the-shelf solution vastly reduces upfront engineering and lead times and is easy to assemble and install onsite.

    Watch TrueSpan in Action
    Onsite Services

    Whether plant staff lacks knowledge of system history, are unfamiliar with their equipment, or are missing documentation of O&M manuals, Brentwood seeks to remedy those issues by offering a range of onsite services. From tank inspections to classroom trainings, Brentwood’s team of experts can provide guidance on any type of scraper system. This equips operators, maintenance personnel, and superintendents with the right tools to extend system lifetime and restore confidence in their plant.