Standard Corrosion-Free Package

Standard Corrosion-Free Package


Our standard system is 100% non-metallic and corrosion-free. It features reliably constructed and economically designed components that can be incorporated into any clarifier system.


  • NH-78 Drive Chain

    Injection molded for strength and light weight

  • NC-720-S Collector Chain

    Constructed from specially formulated material to withstand high sludge loadings

  • C-channel Flights and Wear Shoes

    Highest stiffness factor of all industry standard c-channel designs

  • Non-metallic Telescoping Head Shaft

    Unique and lightweight assembly is easy to install and maintenance-free

  • Cast-Nylon Sprockets and Stub Shafts

    Easy slide-on design incorporates high-strength material to prevent rust and corrosion

  • Shear Pin Drive Sprocket Assembly

    Prevent system damage through use of a trip pin and limit switch

  • Return Rail with Brackets

    Lightweight components provide a cost-efficient alternative to steel systems

  • Standard Wear Strip

    Allows flights to run smoothly through the clarifier

  • Drive Unit

    Custom-configured for each collector based on system requirements and environmental conditions

  • FRP Scum Trough

    Removes grease, scum, and floating materials with ease

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