Brentwood offers more flight scraper options than any other chain and flight manufacturer, enabling us to provide sludge collection solutions for any water or wastewater application. In addition to industry standard c-channels, Polychem’s flight offering includes the proprietary Ultra, Ultra Plus, Box, and Bridge flights for heavy loadings and deep sludge blankets. The Ultra Plus and Box flights provide sturdy and reliable options for wide tank applications, and the Bridge flight is the ultimate solution for wide tanks that require tall scrapers.

All Polychem flights feature a flat-face design to eliminate the potential for recirculation of solids and are fabricated from UV-inhibited isophthalic polyester resin. They offer a flexible solution that accommodates tank wall variations and can be supplied pre-drilled or -notched to account for floor and return rail locations.


  • Integral scraping lip provides superior tank scraping
  • Fiberglass roving & mat run full length of flight
  • Optimized resin-to-glass ratio maximizes stiffness & durability

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Complementary Components

Complementary Components


Filler Blocks

Used in conjunction with fiberglass flights and chain attachments links, Brentwood’s polypropylene filler blocks act as rigid spacers between the back of the flight and the attachment paddle. Filler blocks are specifically designed to fit each flight to ensure proper connection and to allow for full use of each profile.


Wear Shoes

Wear shoes are molded from durable Nylon 6-6 material and can be supplied with slotted holes to accommodate any hole pattern. They are radiused to smoothly transition over the wear strip joints and are reversible, providing two useable wearing surfaces. For wider tank spans, wear shoes can be used to support the middle of a flight.


Squeegees & Wipers

Made of synthetic rubber, squeegees and wipers can be furnished on flights to thoroughly clean the tank side walls and skim the full basin width on the flight return run. These accessories have slotted holes for adjustability and are mounted to the scraper flights using 316 SS hardware and FRP backing plates. Squeegees are also used on skimmer assemblies to transfer scum into troughs.



The Polychem hardware kit is standardly provided in corrosion-resistant 316 SS. They come prepackaged for ease of inventory and installation and are also available in alternate materials, such as Monel for applications with high chlorine content.

Articles & Literature

Articles & Literature

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