Complexities such as stringent discharge limits, space constraints, and regional variations present a growing burden for wastewater treatment plants facing demands to treat greater flows. Brentwood’s AccuFAS system offers a flexible solution for facilities requiring greater treatment capacity in existing basins, better nitrification with consistent seasonal performance, and biological nutrient removal to meet strict effluent total nitrogen limits. For industrial wastewater applications, such as food and beverage or poultry processing, Brentwood provides high-strength BOD roughing or full treatment.

AccuFAS adds a fixed-growth surface for biomass, optimizing airflow and maximizing contact between the waste stream and biomass. Composed of Brentwood’s structured-sheet, fixed-film media, the system resists plugging, will not wash out, and has zero impact on a plant’s hydraulic profile.

A Fixed Solution

  • Municipal & industrial wastewater applications

  • Flexible treatment capabilities

  • Eliminates the need for moving parts

  • Energy savings over MBBR systems

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Media Tower


Brentwood’s engineering team can custom design submerged fixed-film solutions for any application. AccuFAS is configured as either an Integrated Fixed-film/Activated Sludge (IFAS) or Fixed-bed Bioreactor (FBBR) system.

Biological Wastewater Treatment


In addition to increasing treatment capacity, conventional activated sludge facilities can improve and stabilize nitrification by retrofitting existing basins with AccuFAS in an IFAS configuration.

Industrial Water Treatment Systems


AccuFAS is standardly configured as an FBBR process, combining aeration and structured-sheet media to create an airlift pumping mechanism that not only provides sufficient substrate and oxygen to the biofilm, but also maintains thin film thicknesses.



Preliminary Process Design Pilot Testing Startup & Operations Assistance
Biological Wastewater Treatment

Preliminary Process Design

Brentwood combines two modeling methods to accommodate site-specific applications for AccuFAS system design. Our kinetic design models are based on extensive pilot studies and full-scale installations, and accurately predict treatment performance. Our commercial BioWin™ models are constructed based on IWA ASM models and incorporate a sophisticated biofilm module for IFAS. These models are also calibrated specifically for Brentwood’s submerged media systems.

Effluent Treatment

Pilot Testing

Our experienced engineers can develop pilot protocols, size the pilot equipment, and analyze performance data to help our clients optimize system design. Brentwood can supply either skid-mounted pilot units to your site, or we can send our mobile testing lab—equipped with advanced instrumentation and PLC control—to run full, sidestream pilot tests.

Filter Media

Startup & Operations Assistance

Brentwood’s systems and components are engineered not only for performance, but for ease of installation. With a dedicated team of site technicians who have assisted in over 500 installations, you can be assured that the system will run properly, and your employees will be educated and prepared to operate the system. Additionally, Brentwood’s process team is available for consultation throughout the lifetime of the AccuFAS system to provide maintenance advice and to ensure continued performance results.

System Components

System Components

Filter Media

Distribution & Vertical Flow Media

Distribution media minimizes aeration necking and provides even distribution of both liquid and air flow, while vertical flow media recirculates liquid by airlift pumping. When combined, the media evenly distributes liquid and air for continuous mixing and scouring of biofilm.

Media Tower Supports

AccuPier® Support System

A pre-engineered support system for structured-sheet media, AccuPier is a lightweight and robust system that includes field-adjustable bases and cut-to-length stanchions to allow for installation in a variety of tank configurations.

Industrial Water Filter Restraints

Media Restraints

Designed to keep submerged film media in place during operation, restraints are engineered to integrate with AccuPier support components.

Biological Aeration

Aeration Diffusers

The easily maintained aeration system uses cost-effective diffusers mounted under the media towers to provide a high level of oxygen transfer efficiency and to circulate the wastewater by airlift pumping.

Articles & Literature

Articles & Literature

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