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Choosing Brentwood means choosing confidence. You can trust that our products will not only meet but exceed your expectations and also be backed by our unmatched expertise, innovation, performance, and quality. Your dedicated team is ready to guide you every step of the way today, tomorrow, and together.

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    IFR-6000 Series Tube Settlers

    Strength is Our Strength

    Through extensive applications experience and thorough product testing, Brentwood has established criteria and standards for tube settler system design that deliver maximum strength, longevity, and performance. We integrate decades of engineering expertise in both plastics and water treatment technologies into every system we supply. Benefit from our team’s comprehension of the clarification process to deliver a built-to-outlast solution that’s custom designed for your site-specific application.

    We're Unmatched.

    Module Design
    Module Design

    We’ve set the standard for tube settler module design since introducing our IFR-6000 series in 1987. Each sheet used to construct a module is reinforced with integrated stiffening ribs and features unique geometries that work synchronously to improve weight-bearing capacity.

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    Patented Assembly Method

    IFR-6000 tube settlers contain wave sheets, a differentiator not found in other tube settlers on the market. Wave sheets have dedicated assembly guides for precise alignment with corrugations on adjacent modules. The subsequent nesting effect allows for even load distribution between modules. This is a key element of our patented assembly method, designed to instill peace of mind in the construction and overall integrity of your system.

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    Structural Testing

    Standard IFR-6000 series tube settlers can span distances up to 8 feet unsupported with little to no deflection under an industry-leading 250-pound point load. At Brentwood, we prioritize safety above all else. Therefore, all module heights offered in our IFR-6000 series have undergone rigorous testing to affirm that they can be safely walked on when performing proper maintenance.

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