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    TubeDek Lamella Separators

    Exceptional Quality

    Municipal and industrial organizations managing potable water and wastewater demand exceptional quality when solids need to be separated from liquids. With decades of expertise gained from partnering with hundreds of plants, Brentwood delivers superior solutions to unlock your plant’s potential.

    Our TUBEdek lamella separators, manufactured from specially formulated polypropylene, utilize inclined plates to offer a larger and more effective settling area within a compact footprint. Adaptable to any sedimentation challenge, they excel in handling heavier loads and higher effluent flows, ensuring compliance with stringent quality standards and discharge regulations.

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    High Separation Efficiency
    High Separation Efficiency

    TUBEdek lamella separators use a series of inclined plates to increase the settling area. Modules are composed of parallel, V-shaped settling planes that enhance solids separation and facilitate sludge removal. Using CFD simulations, we engineer the most favorable solution from a flow technology perspective and optimize flow ratios to improve efficiency.

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    Compact And Adaptable

    TUBEdek can be adapted to any sedimentation task in both rectangular and round tanks, for both trickling filters and activated sludge separation systems. The inclination, height, and plate distance can be chosen virtually at will, allowing for precise consideration of process technology requirements and structural conditions. Safe and simple on-site assembly of TUBEdek modules enables low-cost delivery worldwide, avoiding damage during transport or costly packaging.

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    Improved Throughput

    The innovative design of TUBEdek lamella settlers, utilizing a series of inclined plates, substantially increases the settling area within a compact footprint. With an expanded surface area facilitating more efficient sedimentation and optimization of water treatment processes, TUBEdek lamella settlers deliver significantly reduced hydraulic retention time, enabling faster water processing, increasing throughput and operational efficiency.

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