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    NET 150 Trickle Packs

    High-performance fills providing an optimized pressure drop

    Organizations utilizing wet or evaporative cooling towers to manage excess heat require the highest levels of performance and efficiency. With 50 years of experience, Brentwood has pioneered the industry’s broadest and most innovative range of fill pack solutions, ensuring optimal performance across a variety of cooling tower designs and applications. Fouling poses a significant threat to efficient operation, which is why our NET 150 trickle packs are uniquely resistant to fouling, maintaining effective performance even in the presence of high levels of suspended solids in the water.

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    The robust, impact-resistant, and pressure-stable NET 150 splash fill packs are composed of individual precision-molded polypropylene sheets, assembled using a snap-fit design, to form stable modules with a cross-fluted structure. These honeycomb-shaped modules exhibit effective resistance under hot-water temperatures of up to 80°C and, in the short term, up to 90°C. Free from arsenic or heavy metals, the material resists fouling and fungal effects, corrosion, UV radiation, and most chemicals.

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    Brentwood trickle packs feature an open grid design that maximizes thermal performance and minimizes the risk of clogging, enabling operation with suspended solids counts around 300 PPM. This presents a more effective alternative to standard sheets when using water sources with higher concentration cycles. The fill packs also maintain thermal performance levels with minimal water usage, ideal for cooling towers designed to meet rigorous sustainability standards or situated in regions with limited water access.

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    High-efficiency NET 150 trickle packs are available with SANIPACKING, an antimicrobial additive that is specially formulated for wet cooling towers. This inhibits cell growth, reliably preventing bacterial proliferation. Tested against ISO 22196 standards, this additive has demonstrated a reduction in legionella risk by over 99.9% compared to cooling tower films lacking additives. Additionally, it helps deter the colonization of tower packing surfaces by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, the microbe most commonly found in industrial cooling water biofilms.