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The StormTank Shield is a stormwater treatment device designed to reduce pollutant discharge through gross sediment removal and oil/water separation. It prevents floatables and oils that enter a structure from directly exiting the outlet pipe, ensuring they are unable to enter the management system and be conveyed back into the environment. This treatment solution reduces water pollution caused by runoff that would otherwise flow freely throughout our neighborhoods and environment.



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Anti-Siphon Vent

Vortexes and siphoning are prevented by the built-in vent, which requires no additional parts or connections.

Storm Drain Protection

Access Port

The access port and slim profile simplify the cleaning process and ensure that nothing obstructs the discharge.

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Hand Grip

The built-in hand grip makes the Shield easy to handle during the installation process.

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Easy Installation

The Shield is conveniently available in 18-, 24-, and 30-inch sizes with pre-drilled mounting holes for easy fastening over the outlet pipe.

How It Works

How It Works

Diagram Illustrating How The StormTank Shield Works to prevent water pollution | Brentwood Industries

The StormTank Shield prevents floatables and oils entering a structure from directly exiting the outlet pipe. As stormwater runoff flows to the catch basin and enters the structure, it accumulates oil, debris, and sediment. These pollutants are often transported through the conveyance system and discharged into a storage system or directly into a stream.

By installing the StormTank  Shield, these floatables and oils are blocked from discharging and polluting local waterways. Additionally, heavier sediments will settle in the sumped inlet, as the Shield increases flow length and reduces velocity of the runoff by maintaining a constant level of water in the structure.

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Articles & Literature

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