StormTank® Pack


The StormTank Pack is a subsurface stormwater management system primarily used for infiltration, rainwater collection, and solving stormwater runoff problems. It offers a cost-effective solution for projects that do not require load-bearing capacity, lending itself to installations under landscaped areas such as parks, plazas, and backyards.

Easy Stormwater Management

  • Shipped pre-assembled for easy installation

  • Available in 12- & 24-inch heights

  • Can be cut to any length

  • Does not require cleaning or maintenance

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Stormwater Harvesting System Providing Stormwater Runoff Solutions


Stormwater Harvesting System

Large Void Space

With its 95% void space, the Pack provides a substantial improvement over standard crushed stone structures, which only offer roughly 40% void space.

Stormwater Drainage Products

Layout Flexibility

To accommodate layout variations, the Pack can be cut to any length. It is standardly available in 12-inch (305 mm) and 24-inch (610 mm) heights.

Stormwater Harvesting

Easy Runoff Distribution

The Pack’s crossflow configuration allows runoff to spread across the media as it enters the system, evenly distributing the runoff to the base.

Stormwater Drainage System

Structural Integrity

Dedicated glue joints ensure precise and complete bonds throughout the entire pack and yield uniform flute sizes to enhance strength.

How It Works

How It Works

Stormwater runoff enters the StormTank Pack system by means of infiltration or through a perforated pipe. Once the runoff hits the Pack, it spreads across the media surface and is evenly distributed to the base where it either permeates into the soil or collects for rainwater harvesting.

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