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StormTank® GroundPro GRS & GRV

The StormTank GroundPro GRS & GRV are flexible permeable paver systems used in ground stabilization and protection applications. Superior compressive strength, high permeability, and a fast, simple installation process make GroundPro an idea eco-friendly alternative to impervious paved surfaces.

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StormTank® Module 20 Series

The StormTank Module 20 Series is designed to reduce material and labor costs for project professionals. Its simplified design allows for quick assembly and provides greater storage space without expanding total footprint, cutting back on total Modules required for a project and reducing installation time.

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Modular Stormwater Systems for Management, Rainwater Harvesting, and Erosion Control

StormTank® Module 25 Series

The StormTank Module 25 Series is the flagship product of the StormTank brand, offering a stormwater management solution rated for extreme load applications. It can be sized and configured to fit nearly any site layout. With up to 97% void space and a stackable design, the system minimizes installation footprint while allowing for management of large volumes of water.

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Stormwater Harvesting Systems

StormTank® Pack

The StormTank Pack provides a cost-effective alternative for non-load-bearing applications and is commonly used under landscaped areas. Its design is perfect for infiltration and integration in bioretention and rainwater collection applications.

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Stormwater Treatment System

StormTank® Shield

To complement our stormwater management products, our StormTank Shield offers a smart and simple solution for stormwater treatment. It reduces water pollution from the system by blocking both floatable and oil discharge from exiting the outlet pipe.

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StormTank In Action

StormTank In Action

Check out how the StormTank Module 20 Series, StormTank Module 25 Series, and StormTank Shield are used across commercial, residential, and recreational stormwater management applications!

Spec Your System

Spec Your System

StormTank Modules are designed around existing structures and tight constraints. Use our StormTank Volume Calculator to find the max storage capacity of your project.
Customer Success

Customer Success

Leinenkugel Brewery Expansion - StormTank
stormwater management

Cheers to Expansion!

10th Street Brewery, Milwaukee, WI, USA


Leinenkugel’s 10th Street Brewery decided on an expansion that would both enlarge the brewhouse and the tank cellar. They decided to work with a well-renowned engineering firm, Systems Design Engineering, Inc., and in turn, the engineering firm opted to involve StormTank as a trusted partner from previous projects.

The StormTank team assisted the designer in drafting system design options, locating an impermeable liner that would provide maximum storage capacity, and also provided a local distributor contact – American Infrastructure Technologies, Inc. – for on-site support during the installation of the system.

Successfully installed in August 2017, the StormTank Module system offered a large amount of void space and load-bearing capacity to support the expansion.

Bringing Medical Services to a Community

Gulf Breeze Medical Office Building, Pensacola, FL, USA


The Gulf Breeze Medical Office Building project in Pensacola, Florida, was over budget, and like many projects, the stormwater management system was a large contributing factor. In addition, the Florida panhandle lacks a prominent supply of aggregate, making larger excavations that require a lot of stone very expensive.

To reduce costs, the contractor began seeking alternatives for the specified arch product that would use less material and landed on the StormTank Module. The StormTank team worked with the local distributor, R.H. Moore, and the project engineer to evaluate different product heights and alternative design layouts.

Ultimately, the high void space of the Module system allowed for more storage in a smaller footprint, reducing the original excavation size and using less stone backfill, to bring the total installation cost back within budget.

Kick Back & Relax

Hilton Garden Inn, Arvada, CO, USA


The site plan for the Hilton Garden Inn project in Arvada, Colorado, was tightly designed to work around preexisting constraints, and the corresponding stormwater management system needed to do the same. Traditional pipe and arch-shaped systems were considered as potential solutions for the project but would have required large footprints, using a lot of stone, to get the job done.

With space at a premium, Brentwood’s StormTank Module system was considered, and ultimately chosen, as an alternative. Easily designed around structures and capable of being stacked, the Module system provided design flexibility that not only enabled more storage in a smaller footprint but required less stone and excavation than competing systems. These features allowed the StormTank system to both fit within the site’s tight constraints and reduce project costs.

Find a StormTank Distributor Near You

Find a StormTank Distributor Near You

For design assistance, support, and pricing, contact your local StormTank distributor.