How many pounds can a StormTank Module hold?

“Do you know how many pounds a StormTank Module can hold?” In general sales conversations, we might explain the answer to this question when discussing the strength of stormwater management systems. Through prior testing, we know that our StormTank Module can support a substantial load. But we wanted to see how we stack up against other stormwater management systems, so we put them to the test!

1. Maintain an ambient temperature of 72°F ± 2 degrees throughout the test procedure.
2. Assemble the Brentwood Module using two platens and eight 18” columns.
3. Assemble the Competitor “A” Crate and Competitor “E” Crate using 4 pieces of each size.
4. Place the Module and crates, centered, on the bottom platen of the 75-ton press.
5. Apply a pre-load of 2,400 lbs. and hold for five minutes.
6. Apply load at a constant speed of 0.2 in/min.
7. Run the test until increasing deflection no longer results in an increasing load.

StormTank Module Crush Test Results

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