The goal of the first part of the project in Colombia was to improve the sedimentation process in potable water treatment by optimizing the plant’s sedimentation tank 3.

Since the existing asbestos cement plates had already reached their useful life and were in critical process and physical condition of deterioration, this impaired the optimum quality of the plant’s clarified water.


Brentwood Europe GmbH engineered and installed a highly-efficient package for the sedimentation tank.

This advanced solution consisted of one sedimentation tank that was completely filled with 184,5 m3 (6515.6 ft3) of polypropylene TUBEdek® lamellas, which are NSF certified for potable water.

In addition, the integral package included a support structure and anti-floating system.


The Brentwood Europe GmbH solution had various advantages:

• Small footprint of only 184,5 m² (1985.9 ft2) but a sedimentation area of 2,030 m² (21850.7 ft2)
• Highly-efficient sedimentation rate compared to the obsolete parallel plate system
• Integral solution that included a state-of-the-art support structure for optimal water treatment

Project Data


With the increase of the sedimentation area by a factor of 11, a 90% increase in settling capacity for the same installation could be reached. Additionally, the plant has immensely increased its sanitary status and improved its visual aspect by exchanging the old, damaged parallel plates made of carcinogenic asbestos cement with our drinking water-certified TUBEdek lamellas.

The plant’s efficiency could be substantially improved by reducing the dosing of chemicals that are used upstream of the sedimentation tanks for coagulation and flocculation. Brentwood Europe GmbH has already supplied the second part of the project, which was installed at the end of 2020.

The plant operator appreciates:

• Optimal design
• Best technical solution
• Easy installation
• Less-frequent cleaning and simple maintenance
• Better performance than the parallel plates at high turbidity levels
• Nice appearance

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