The first installation of Brentwood’s DWI accredited TUBEdek Lamella Separation Tubular Settlers has proven to be an all-round success story at South East Water’s Keleher Water Treatment Works in Bray, Berkshire.  Since the TUBEdek system went live South East Water has recorded a significant increase in productivity and reliability at the Keleher site.

Brian Steventon, Project Manager at South East Water, said: “TUBEdek has met all our objectives, most notably in removing the bottleneck that restricted output in the previous horizontal lamella clarification system.  We’re now seeing an average flow of 30Mld that often reaches the current maximum of 45Mld.  That is a significant improvement on 22Mld which was the maximum flow we could have achieved with our previous system.”

“We chose TUBEdek because it was the best match for our requirements; price, performance and DWI accreditation.   We were confident that TUBEdek could deliver the required improvements in performance – notably in hazen velocity – and we had the reassurance that comes from DWI accreditation.”

Improving Process Control

South East Water Installed a total volume of 256m cubic metres of 900mm depth TUBEdek FS41.50PP which is DWI approved for use in potable water. Prior to installing the TUBEdek Lamella Separation system, South East Water operated a horizontal lamella clarifier, complete with floor desludging system, at the Keleher Water Treatment Works.  In 2013, South East Water initiated a £3m capital maintenance project to upgrade key areas of the plant, including the lamella and corresponding desludging system.

Brian Steventon continued: “The upgrade project provided an opportunity to improve process control and increase the throughput of the clarifiers from 25ML/d to 40ML/d.”

Additionally, the PVC sheets were becoming brittle, and due to the deposits, the flute geometry was distorted. The presence of ferric oxides also indicated corrosion of the distribution system.

Cleaning And Maintenance Are Important

Brentwood’s TUBEdek tubular settlers are used in the settlement process to remove solids from the raw water intake. TUBEdek is manufactured in PP making it suitable for all potable water installations. TUBEdek Lamella Settlement fills work using a chevron plate sedimentation process which provides significant enhancements in the process of separating solids from liquids. The uniform configuration and inclined angle of the tubes encourages laminar flow for efficient solids separation whilst the ‘v’ shape encourages the even discharge of the solids to the settlement zone below the TUBEdek modules.

During the selection process, South East Water considered a number of alternative approaches:

“We looked at replacing the existing horizontal lamella clarification system but rejected that option as it wouldn’t provide the required improvements in production capacity.  We also investigated a stainless steel alternative which was considered to be effective but expensive.”

“Cleaning and maintenance were also important considerations.  Brentwood demonstrated that the unique tongue and groove design of the TUBEdek tubular settlers meant we would have ready access to all parts of the system thereby making it easy to keep everything clean and in good order.”

Installation Completed In Two Weeks

The installation was co-ordinated by primary contractors, Bam Nuttall, and completed within two week sessions dictated by operational needs.

Richard Manning, MD of Brentwood UK commented: “We’re very pleased with the performance of the TUBEdek installation at South East Water’s Keleher Water Treatment Works.  It’s very satisfying to see our product making the kind of quantifiable difference to operational and business efficiency that, in turn, helps clients like South East Water give their customers a better service.”

Advantages of TUBEdek

A TUBEdek Installation Provides Many Operational Advantages:

– It is extremely economic as multiple sedimentation planes are all housed within one tank thus reducing the size and cost of tanks
– It provides significant process enhancements as its totally flexible design means that it can be adapted to any process design requirement by varying the inclination, length of tubes and module sizes. This is due to the unique design of interlocking profiles which encourage laminar flow
– Simpler installation, cleaning and maintenance activities due to the mechanical strength of the unique tongue and groove assembled system
– It is the most efficient lamella settlement process as each application is a custom design.  This is because the length of tubes, size of modules and the angle on inclination can all be varied – It is simple to assemble which has the added advantage for large schemes where TUBEdek modules can be built close or even adjacent to the installations site

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