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With over 50 years in the cooling tower space, we go above and beyond, consistently delivering results you can depend on. Committed to your future success, we refine and innovate our techniques, designs, and processes, staying ahead of the curve while maintaining stringent quality standards every step of the way.

Choosing Brentwood means choosing confidence. You can trust that our products will not only meet but exceed your expectations and also be backed by our unmatched expertise, innovation, performance, and quality. Your dedicated team is ready to guide you every step of the way today, tomorrow, and together.

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    Introducing our Tower Analysis and Rating program, called S.T.A.R.

    A question we often receive is, “How can you be certain that a particular fill will work in my tower?”

    Well, Brentwood has spent millions of dollars in research, development and testing of all cooling tower fill and drift eliminator products over the years.

    We have packaged all our know-how into our Tower Analysis & Rating program, called S.T.A.R. This puts five decades of research, development, and testing information at your fingertips.

    Download our useful guide to help you choose the right fill for your cooling tower.