Cross-stacking Improves Cooling Tower Water Distribution

We recently had a question about the installation scheme of our cross-fluted fill in a tower with 3 feet of fill depth.  When installing [3] 1-foot-deep layers, or any more than [1] layer, of fill we highly recommend that each layer of fill be installed with the pack’s longitudinal direction rotated 90 degrees to the previous layer. By doing this you gain from the benefits of using our cross-corrugated sheet design to direct water in all four directions in the tower – front, back, left, and right.

For example, if the bottom layer of fill is running in the longitudinal direction of the tower, then the cross-corrugated sheet pattern will direct water in the longitudinal direction. If the packs in the layer above that are running in the transverse direction, the cross-corrugated sheet pattern will direct water in the transverse direction. The top layer would match the orientation of the bottom layer and match that direction of water migration. Due to the criss-crossing configuration of the fill installation, the water is uniformly distributed throughout the entire fill section which maximizes the fill’s cooling capability.

Another benefit of this type of installation configuration is its potential to help alleviate deficiencies in the water distribution system. If there are gaps in the spray pattern from the nozzles, the effect of the fill’s inherent distribution of water throughout the tower can mitigate the gaps from the nozzle spray.

Cooling Tower Water Distribution Model

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