Cooling Tower Water Treatment Recommendations

Brentwood knows that there’s more to your cooling tower than the fill and drift eliminators we supply. In fact, the primary maintenance task for cooling towers revolves around water treatment. Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” water treatment program since the type and quality of the water supply that is available for make-up varies widely depending on geography, geology, and economics. Cooling towers also vary widely in their size, design, material of construction, and applications. The cooling tower itself is only one part of a heat transfer system with many other possible types of equipment that are linked together in a water circuit. As a result, most water treatment programs are highly specialized.

Brentwood’s recommendation for all cooling tower owners is to employ the services of a reputable and knowledgeable professional that specializes in water treatment of evaporation equipment. Why? Biological treatment and control of Legionella, and other potentially health-threatening bacteria, are essential. Engaging a competent water treatment specialist is an essential step in the commissioning of evaporative equipment in order to minimize the risk of dispersion of these harmful organisms.

Those things said, the following water treatment information is presented as general guidance only:

Cooling Tower Water Treatment Guidelines

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  1. I like that you pointed out how a reputable and knowledgeable professional should be hired when it comes to handling the water treatment of evaporation equipment in cooling towers. In my opinion, anything that relates to those types of equipment should definitely be handled by an expert to keep any component or part from being damaged over time due to the processes they are handling. And I think that one of the most important things to get is a professional in cooling tower system maintenance for the success of their operations every time.

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