All-New Metallic Inlet Louvers

Brentwood is excited to announce our new metallic inlet louvers, designed to complement our existing metallic products. The metallic louvers are intended for use with Brentwood’s metallic fill and metallic drift eliminators. All are ideal for non-combustible, high-temperature applications and are corrosion resistant.

The patent-pending designs deliver optimal performance in the harshest environments and are made to last the life of your tower. Constructed with high-quality, 304 stainless steel, all components are precision laser cut and assembled in the U.S.

The metallic louver comes in two air travel depths (ATD) ‒ 2.5in and 3.2in ‒ which fit directly into existing tower louver retainers. The patent-pending design includes built-in water diverters and a nesting feature that eliminates nearly all light by-pass.

More about the associated metallic fill and drift eliminators:

Brentwood’s CF1900SS fill is the go-to product for high-temperature and non-combustible applications. With the addition of the newly released metallic louver and drift, Brentwood now offers a complete solution for the toughest tower applications.

The patent-pending design of the metallic drift provides comparable drift rates to Brentwood’s existing drift eliminators while maintaining low pressure drop. The modular design allows the metallic drift eliminator to cover a wide variety of widths, ensuring it will fit in all towers.

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