AccuShield Antimicrobial Technology

Brentwood introduced the AccuShield antimicrobial technology in 2008, to reduce weight gain associated with fouling and improve the performance of cooling tower fills and drift eliminators. Here’s a quick video to introduce you to the technology:

The video discusses that once fouling begins to occur, the issue intensifies as microorganisms attach to the fill sheets and cause a buildup of other particulates. By studying this process, we learned that if we could limit the number of microorganisms attaching to the plastic, we could further prevent fouling. With this knowledge, Brentwood developed AccuShield by incorporating an antimicrobial compound into our raw materials to slow the growth of microorganisms.

AccuShield has been through both lab and field testing, proving its efficacy against many forms of bacteria, including Legionella. In several installation tests, AccuShield has shown that it can reduce weight gain over standard PVC offerings by up to 70 percent:

Accushield affects chart

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