Can I order wheelbarrow replacement parts?

If you purchased your Brentwood wheelbarrow in or after 2013, the answer is yes! Replacement parts are available. Click this link to see details and part numbers and then find your local distributor to purchase.

If you purchased a wheelbarrow prior to 2013, we can determine replacement part availability based on the diameter of the axle or the color of your wheelbarrow pan.

Do you have a wheelbarrow with an axle that is 5/8″ in diameter? This means you can use the current wheelbarrow handles, but you’ll need to purchase a fastener kit for the longer bolts. You will also need to drill holes in the replacement handles as they will not line up with the pan and undercarriage.

Is your wheelbarrow pan dark green, black, or blue? Unfortunately, we no longer have replacement parts for these models. But if you’re interested in a new Brentwood wheelbarrow, please reach out to your local distributor or contact us directly for more information.

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