What is Koroseal?

Koroseal is a perforated, semi-flexible PVC film that is used in the manufacture of industrial batteries. In a lead-acid industrial battery, each lead battery plate is wrapped with fiberglass matting to help retain the active material in the plate. The battery plate and matting are then wrapped with a layer of Koroseal. This improves the performance and life of the battery plate by protecting it from mossing and reducing the chance of the battery short-circuiting. Koroseal is anchored in place by heat welding to form a durable jacket on each battery plate.

Where is Koroseal Used?

Koroseal is used in lead-acid industrial batteries for three primary applications. The most common of those is known as “Motive Power” batteries which are primarily used in electric forklifts and material handling equipment.

“Standby Power” is another important application that provides industries with an emergency electricity source during a power outage. Standby battery systems provide refineries, hospitals, data centers, and other critical users with an uninterrupted source of electricity.

Koroseal is also used in batteries for the telecommunication industry to provide a backup energy source for cellular service towers during a power disruption.

Why Choose Brentwood’s Koroseal?

Brentwood’s Koroseal plate wrap is produced in a vertically integrated, closed-loop manufacturing process that is highly efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible. We manufacture to an internal specification that meets or exceeds the demands of the battery customers we supply. Our material undergoes testing at every step of the manufacturing process to ensure that it will satisfy the requirements of that specification.

Brentwood’s tooling system is highly flexible and can be quickly configured to meet the specific needs of a customer’s requirements for perforated patterns, border widths, and un-perforated bands. Koroseal can be supplied in cut sheet lengths or in roll stock form to meet the needs of our customers.

Most importantly, Brentwood has been manufacturing Koroseal for over 40 years, and no one does it better than us. We are recognized as the leading supplier of this product in the United States. Battery customers can be confident in using Brentwood’s expertise to deliver a reliable source of high-quality Koroseal for their battery needs.

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