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Cooling Tower Fill Supports
Cooling Tower Fill Supports: XF75 vs. Shipping Pallets
What’s the difference between Brentwood XF75 cooling tower fill supports and using repurposed PVC shipping pallets? That’s a good question and one we get asked frequently by owners.  While cutting down plastic shipping pallets and using them as fill supports for… Read More
Blue Tube Settlers in Circular Clarifier
Tube Settler Coverage in a Circular Clarifier
Tube settler coverage is the minimum required area tube settlers must cover to obtain the desired treatment. By nature of the shape, the calculations for circular clarifiers are a bit more complicated. However, the variables in the equation are standard… Read More
Cooling Towers icon with light blue background
What factors into cooling tower PM10 emissions?
We were recently asked about PM10 emissions for a cooling tower.  This relatively simple question is in fact quite complex. The short answer is that the PM10 emission rate depends on several factors. Nozzle type and pressure are a factor,… Read More
Cooling Tower Ammonia
Ammonia in Cooling Water
Grey water is being considered more and more for cooling tower water, but what about untreated grey water with high concentrations of ammonia? We know how to handle the TSS, but what about ammonia in cooling water? Does ammonia do… Read More
Cooling Tower Fire Caused by Debris
What is the purpose of FM Approvals?
The purpose of FM Approvals Standard for Cooling Towers, Class FM4930, is to state the requirements for cooling towers that do not need automatic sprinkler protection. When going through the Approval process one of the key steps is to build… Read More
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Why hasn’t my cooling tower fill price gone down?
Oil prices have dropped a lot over the past year, so why isn’t there a corresponding decrease in cooling tower fill price? The answer is that raw material costs have not decreased by 50%. Gas prices at the pump, maybe.… Read More
AccuShield Antimicrobial Technology
Brentwood introduced the AccuShield antimicrobial technology in 2008, to reduce weight gain associated with fouling and improve the performance of cooling tower fills and drift eliminators. Here’s a quick video to introduce you to the technology: The video discusses that… Read More
Machine Assembly
Mechanical Assembly Technology
Brentwood developed its Mechanical Assembly (MA) Technology in the year 2000 as a solution to the industry-plaguing process of gluing plastic sheets together to create fill and drift eliminator packs. The gluing process was time consuming, costly, and released harmful… Read More
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Wastewater Treatment Process
The wastewater treatment process is complex and critical to civilization. In simplest terms, wastewater is water that has been mixed with waste matter. Wastewater can be classified as domestic, municipal, or industrial based upon the source of generation. For instance,… Read More
Cooling Towers Technologies
Cooling Tower Technologies
What is a cooling tower? A cooling tower is a heat rejection device that utilizes the evaporative cooling process to transfer waste heat to the atmosphere. Waste heat enters the cooling tower as warm water and is pumped to the water… Read More
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Drinking Water Treatment Process
Most drinking water comes from a surface water source, such as a lake or river, or a groundwater source, such as a well or spring. This water requires treatment before it can be safely consumed; the level to which the… Read More