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StormTank Stormwater Storage System
Top 10 Considerations for Designing and Installing Your Stormwater System

Designing an underground stormwater storage system is a unique step in the overall construction process for each site. The size of the inlets and the conveyance pipes are determined by flow rate, elevation, and slope. This information is entered and calculated…

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Sedvac Brentwood History
Comparing Sludge Removal Systems For Water Treatment Plants

Due to limited clearance and accessibility, effective removal of settled sludge beneath tube settlers has long been a challenge for plant owners and design engineers. They needed a sludge removal solution with a low-profile design that would offer flexibility during…

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Compression Test video results
How many pounds can a StormTank Module hold?

“Do you know how many pounds a StormTank Module can hold?” In general sales conversations, we might explain the answer to this question when discussing the strength of stormwater management systems. Through prior testing, we know that our StormTank Module…

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Glue pads by Brentwood
What We Really Mean When We Reference “Glued” Film Fill Packs

There are many different words to describe the agent used to bond two objects together: glue, adhesive, cement, and solvent cements. Of these, one sticks out as the simplest ─ glue. However, the definitions of the four terms vary: Glue:…

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Biofilter Screen Saver
Winter Maintenance for Trickling Filters

As winter approaches and cold weather sets in, both the air and wastewater temperatures of your trickling filter can drop to the single digit area, so we want to bundle it up to prevent it from catching a “cold.” It…

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StormTank Module Before and After
Meeting MS4 Stormwater Fees Using Best Management Practices (BMPs)

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is increasing its enforcement of Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permits. Due to this, states are beginning to require counties, municipalities, and communities to implement MS4s. This means meeting minimum control measures (set forth by the…

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Tube Settler example
Key Indicators of Tube Settler Strength: Module Design and Construction

There is a common misconception about tube settlers that thicker material, whether it’s thermoformed or extruded, yields a stronger, more structurally capable module. On the surface, this seems like a reasonable assumption. However, when we look at the details of…

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Water Management and Winter Operation of Cooling Towers
Water Management and Winter Operation of Cooling Towers

When dealing with a cooling tower one of the main focus points is proper water management. Let’s face it: You have a cooling tower because you have a heat load that needs to be dissipated, and your cooling tower is the…

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Vacuum vs. Pressue Blog
Top 5 Advantages of Pressure Thermoforming for the Transportation Industry

At Brentwood, we thermoform heavy-gauge parts that combine aesthetic design with technical innovation for nearly any type of vehicle. We utilize both the vacuum and pressure thermoforming processes with starting sheet thicknesses varying between 0.060” (1.5mm) and 0.5” (12.7mm). To…

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Rainwater harvesting system
Meeting MS4 Regulations with StormTank

You may have noticed the term “MS4” popping up recently in community bulletins or your local news. A Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) is a conveyance system that is owned by a town, city, state, or other public entity…

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Hanging Sheets Stresses
Stresses on Hanging Sheets vs. Bottom-Supported Packs

As we continue to develop new products and assist customers all over the world with application questions, it becomes important not just to help with understanding how our products work but also shed some light on why products fail. As…

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Transportation History
Brentwood’s History in the Transportation Industry

Brentwood was introduced to the transportation industry in 1971 by its parent company at the time, the Dana Corporation. Dana had been making drivetrain parts for heavy-duty trucks and realized that Brentwood’s thermoforming capabilities could be used to expand the…

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