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Brentwood Separator System
Process Cooling Loop Filtration: Installation Methods

In a recent blog article, we established the importance of mechanical filtration and reviewed a few common types for cooling tower applications. One of the key considerations for a tower owner when going through the selection process is to determine…

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Fouled Cooling Tower Fill
How to Select the Best Filtration System for your Cooling Tower

Why Your Tower May Need Mechanical Filtration Cooling towers are a type of heat exchanger that use direct contact between air and water to dissipate heat from a process to the outside environment. There are hundreds of processes that cooling…

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Meeting Customer Needs During Challenging Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every industry around the world, from retail and hospitality to textiles and industrial manufacturing. The transportation industry was no exception. In March, automakers around the world quickly closed their manufacturing facilities to minimize the spread…

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Understanding Cooling Tower Drift Rate
How Surfactants Affect Drift Rate

Drift is composed of entrained particles of water in the exit air stream of the cooling tower. Unlike the evaporated water that is pure, the drift particles will contain whatever soluble constituents are present in the circulating water. This could…

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Understanding Quality Management Systems (QMS)

Quality is an attribute that has been used to differentiate superior products for centuries. However, in the modern production facility, quality has transcended from a nebulous comparison to both a profession and philosophy. Over the past 70 years, manufacturers (with…

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Tube Settlers vs. Plate Settlers: Comparing Lamella Technologies

The sedimentation process in both water and wastewater treatment is a physical process which relies on gravity to settle and remove suspended solids. Advanced solids settling processes typically utilize lamella, commonly referred to as tube settlers or plate settlers, to…

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Removing Ammonia in Drinking Water With AccuFAS

Read on to learn how, utilizing its pilot reactor, Brentwood helped a mid-sized suburban community assess potential treatment of ammonia in the city’s potable water source. What is Ammonia? Ammonia is a naturally occurring compound found in some chemical products,…

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Spray Foam Attic Installation
When & How To Use Spray Foam Insulation

One of the most effective and efficient ways to insulate a home or building is to use spray foam insulation. It is often used by homeowners and contractors who are looking for a quick, customizable, and durable solution. While spray…

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Splash Fill Innovation

Splash fills have been used in cooling towers for almost as long as cooling towers have existed. The original splash fill designs of simple wood slats hung in a gridwork system, or platforms made of wood slats, eventually shifted toward…

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trickling filter technology
Trickling Filter Technology Is Still Relevant

Trickling filters have been the workhorse of the biological wastewater treatment industry for over 100 years. Trickling filters have proven to efficiently remove pollutants from wastewater since their inception, earning recognition as a technology that will continue to serve the industry…

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Not All Sprockets Are the Same

In rectangular clarifiers, straight-line sludge collector mechanisms have in-tank sprocket gears that are mounted on shafting to transmit torque from the drive unit and help keep the chain and flight system in motion. There is a common misconception that all sprockets…

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How ThermaCross Boosts Performance

In today’s cooling tower market, tower owners and operators are trying to get the most capacity out of their existing assets. There are many 19mm cross-fluted fills available in the market, and there are wide variations in those product designs…

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