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trickling filter technology
Trickling Filter Technology Is Still Relevant

Trickling filters have been the workhorse of the biological wastewater treatment industry for over 100 years. Trickling filters have proven to efficiently remove pollutants from wastewater since their inception, earning recognition as a technology that will continue to serve the industry…

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Not All Sprockets Are the Same

In rectangular clarifiers, straight-line sludge collector mechanisms have in-tank sprocket gears that are mounted on shafting to transmit torque from the drive unit and help keep the chain and flight system in motion. There is a common misconception that all sprockets…

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How ThermaCross Boosts Performance

As a new product, it is important to understand where ThermaCross fits in the pantheon of fills. Remember, the first guide in fill selection should be water quality. ThermaCross, being a high efficiency fill, is intended for clean water applications…

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petrochemical application
ShockWave Fill Designed For Use In Petrochem Applications

The petroleum refinery process is both interesting and complex, combining numerous chemical processes to produce an array of products. Cooling systems play an integral part in the production of these products. Unlike other applications, such as electrical generation or HVAC…

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cooling tower
Choosing The Right Fill Based On Water Quality

Brentwood often gets emails for a situation that goes something like, “Here is a report showing the water for my cooling tower. What fill should I use?” That’s a good question to ask, although answering it at times can be a…

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roofing vent
Hot vs. Cold Roofing: A Guide to Attic Efficiency

Attics come in different shapes and sizes. In older homes and more traditional construction, you’re likely to find a vented attic assembly, complete with soffit and ridge vents. However, in newer construction, a design known as the “unvented roof assembly”…

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It’s Never too Late to Insulate: AccuVent for a Home Retrofit

Too late to insulate? Contractors typically install insulation baffles during new construction, but it’s never too late to add them to an existing home. This simple step maximizes insulation effectiveness, prevents mold and moisture, and defends against ice dams. In…

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Heavy Gauge Machine
This Mistake Will Cost Purchasing Teams in the Transportation Industry Millions

Finally. The engineering and design teams have finished; it’s been months, maybe years, and the proverbial drawing on the napkin has nearly come to fruition. There’s a buzz in the marketplace; there are rumors about a new concept and the…

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Cooling Towers
What Does 1 Degree Colder Water Mean To You?

When most people think of temperature, like the temperature outside for instance, a 1˚ difference doesn’t have much of an effect. But when we’re discussing the cooling process, as you may know, it can make a world of difference! By…

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Counterflow ShockWave
How Brentwood’s ShockWave™ Fill Provides a Better Balance of Efficiency & Fouling Resistance

The new ShockWave fill’s enhanced vertical-flute design helps to narrow the typical compromise that choice of fill typically entails: cooling performance vs. fouling resistance. When the very first film fills were introduced, the industry was in awe of the compact…

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tube settler wave sheet
Thermoformed vs. Extruded Tube Settlers

Tube settlers use multiple tubular channels, which are adjacent to each other and sloped at nominal 60˚ angles, to form an increased effective settling area. This configuration allows for a shorter particle setting depth, and as the tube settler channels…

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When To Use A Stainless Steel Fill

Brentwood’s ability to manufacture a wide range of products for our customers is not necessarily limited to our ability to do so in plastics. Some customers are actually seeing an increase in the need for fill products made from other…

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