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IFR-6000 Series Overview

IFR-6000 series tube settlers are a cost-effective solution for drinking water and wastewater plants to increase treatment capacity, reduce new installation footprints, improve effluent water quality, and decrease operating costs. We utilize our knowledge and experience with the clarification process to provide complete tube settler systems that are custom-engineered for any application.

Our blue tubes are also designed to complement Brentwood’s sludge collection and removal systems, allowing customers to purchase a fully integrated sludge management solution from a consistent, single-source supplier.


  • Increase settling area without increasing footprint

  • Minimize turbidity load on filters

  • Cut coagulant dosages by up to half

  • Integrate with Polychem & SedVac systems for sludge removal

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Module Features

Module Features

Sedimentation Rate

Precise Assembly

Engineered for quality, tube settler sheets align to form uniform modules, evenly distributing load for maximum lifespan.

Tube Settler Media

Stiffening Ribs

Formed-in stiffening ribs strengthen flute openings for industry-leading weight-bearing capacity.

NSF Certification

NSF Certified

Modules are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for drinking water applications.

PVC Tube Settlers

Trapezoidal Flutes

Corrugated sheets forms dual-angle flutes that encourage sediment compaction, allowing even the finest floc to settle.

Sedimentation and Sludge Removal

Wave Sheets

Unique wave sheets align perfectly with corrugations on adjacent tube settler modules to provide even flute spacing and create a nesting effect.



Material Properties

Material Properties

Material Properties

Material Properties

Enhanced Sedimentation

Enhanced Sedimentation

Combine our blue tube settlers with the SedVac sediment removal system to maximize clarifier efficiency!

System Components

System Components

Tube Settler Design

Support System

Brentwood offers custom-designed support systems for every installation that are engineered to accommodate various loading scenarios with an appropriate safety factor.

Sedimentation Water Treatment

Troughs & Weirs

Troughs and weirs for tube settler systems are designed to handle peak flows, meet local regulatory requirements, and integrate with system supports.

Tube Settler Corrugated Sheets

AccuGrid® Surface Grating

Installed on top of tube settler modules, AccuGrid interlocking panels provide a protective layer from foot traffic, hydraulic impact, and UV degradation.

Articles & Literature

Articles & Literature

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    Check out Brentwood Water & Wastewater’s library of free, on-demand webinars.