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SK Sedimentation Tank Overview

The SK Sedimentation Tank series offers a range of compact, ready-to-connect units for separating solids from liquids. The sedimentation process in these units is based on the proven counterflow principle. They are available in different sizes with settling areas of 2-72 m² (21.5-775 ft²) and flow rates of 2-70 m3/h (8.8-308 gpm) for usual sedimentation tasks.

The modular design allows cost savings and a high level of flexibility when the system needs to be modified or expanded.


  • Optimized flow dynamics

  • Adaptable to specific project requirements

  • Quick and easy to install and relocate

  • Better removal efficiency than conventional parallel plates

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SKR Sedimentation Tank


SK units are available in 13 different standard types and are adaptable to specific project requirements. Tank size, projected sedimentation area, lamella, and the flange size of inlet, outlet, and sludge drain connections can all be selected accordingly. Units can be designed in either circular or square configurations.

SKR Round Tank Units

The SKR tank’s innovative circular design not only offer cost savings, but also calms the influent stream, achieves a uniform flow distribution in the lamellas, and facilitates sludge concentrations in the hopper.

SKS Square Tank Units

We also supply special solutions consisting of square-design tank units. Special transport requirements or on-site space requirements can be met with this configuration. This tank type also achieves an optimal water distribution by carefully chosen design details.

SKR Specifications

SKR Specifications

SKS Specifications

SKS Specifications

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    Check out Brentwood Water & Wastewater’s library of free, on-demand webinars.