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MASSdek 250 HTE Overview

Designed for use in applications where the highest mass transfer performance is required. This high capacity structured packing is made for clean applications and is suitable for absorptions and strippers where the highest removals are required and shorter column heights are desired.

Features & Applications

  • Highest performing structured packing

  • Moderately low pressure drop

  • Good performance at lower gas fluxes and in smaller diameter columns

  • Easily removable for cleaning


MASSdek 250 HTE
Structured Packings At-A-Glance

Structured Packings At-A-Glance

+ = Fair     +(+) = Fair to Good     ++ = Good     ++(+) = Better than good, not the best     +++ = Best

A quick and comprehensive overview of the MASSdek product line, along with recommended applications for each.

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