Liquid Distributors


The importance of good liquid distribution is vital when using structured packing. The main role of a liquid distributor is to evenly distribute liquid throughout the packing bed's cross-section, ensuring a consistent concentration and temperature profile at all heights. The liquid distributor's design impacts separation performance.

Brentwood can help in differentiating the features of our liquid distributors, including gravity vs. pressure-driven liquid flow, distribution methods and single or multi-stage flow patterns. The quality of distribution is essential, influenced by drip point density, pattern, uniform flow rates, distance to the bed's top, orientation, and design aspects. The choice of distributor depends on the difficulty of the separation, column height constraints, liquid irrigation density, turndown required and cleanliness of the process liquid.

We will help you to find the right liquid distributor and tailor it in accordance with your specific application.


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See How It Works

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Liquid Distributor Specifications

Liquid Distributor Specifications

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