Mass Transfer

Offering a complete line of structured packings
and accessories for mass transfer applications.

Mass Transfer Products & Solutions

Mass Transfer Products & Solutions

Engineered to meet the demands of your applications.

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Structured Packings

Brentwood structured packing is well-suited for all mass transfer applications, including: acid gas absorption, odor control, gas purification, liquid stripping, distillation, and others. Structured packing is the media of choice for carbon capture in both post combustion and direct air capture, as well as for biological scrubbing applications. Brentwood offers structured packing for countercurrent applications, crosscurrent applications, and for clean or fouling applications. Replacing a random packing bed with structured packing is an easy upgrade project as structured packing has a higher mass transfer efficiency and lower pressure drop than random packing.

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Mist Eliminators

Brentwood offers a complete line of mist eliminators to capture entrained liquid in the exhaust flow. Products are available for both horizontal and vertical installations. Brentwood’s droplet separators use inertial impaction to remove water droplets with low pressure loss. Depending on the model and installed orientation droplet removal capabilities at 99% efficiency range between 10 and 50 microns, with lower fractional efficiencies for droplet diameters down to 1 micron. They may be used stand-alone to remove larger water droplets or before a mesh style mist eliminator for higher overall removal efficiency.

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Liquid Distributors

Brentwood carries an extensive line of liquid distributors for a wide range of applications. Many influencing factors must be taken into consideration when choosing a liquid distributor. The primary goal in the selection of a liquid distributor is to adapt the position and number of feeding points to the packing geometry, dependent on the spread factor of the packing. Due to the complexity of these factors, we always recommend reaching out to our team for assistance in choosing a suitable liquid distributor for your application.

The Support You Need

The Support You Need

MASSdek® Pro Software Custom Engineering Product Development
Mass Transfer

MASSdek® Pro Software

Our team of specialists created MASSdek® Pro, a proprietary software that empowers users to create hydraulic designs for water-air systems using Brentwood products. Reach out to our team to learn more!

Custom Engineering

Our Engineering, Research and Development, and Quality Departments work closely with one another to provide custom solutions for your specific application.

Mass Transfer

Product Development

We have spent countless hours designing our products to fit any mass transfer application. Our dedication to continuous improvement is apparent in our investment in active research.

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