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Brentwood's all-new Separator System is installed directly into the cooling tower basin or cooling loop to remove troublesome solids, dirt, and debris. This prevents early fill replacement, poor tower performance, and downstream equipment efficiency losses caused by the accumulation of organics and sediment. The system also takes care of sediment removal via a motorized purge kit, eliminating wasted time and costs associated with sand filter separators.

The Separator System is designed to make the plant operator's job easier, while extending the life of the many other cooling tower products Brentwood supplies to the industry, including fills, drift eliminators, and inlet louvers.

Remember, clean water is cold water!


  • Used in basin sweeping and side stream applications for both counterflow and crossflow towers

  • Centrifugal separator efficiency of 98% for particles sized down to 40 microns with specific gravity of 1.8

  • Zero cleaning and minimal maintenance required

  • Built for long life with all metal surfaces epoxy-coated to protect them from the environment

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Cooling Tower Separator System
Separator System Benefits

Separator System Benefits

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Reduce Energy Use

Brentwood’s Separator System reduces energy costs due to pumps and motors not having to work so hard. Fouled surfaces require more flow (and the motor running harder) to achieve the same heat transfer as a clean surface!

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Extend Fill Life

Extend the lifetime of your fill and other process components, like condenser tubes and heat exchanger plates, by decreasing the potential for fouling.

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Lower Costs

Eliminate maintenance downtime and associated costs caused by fouled equipment. With no filters used to remove solids, no time or cost is wasted on regular filter changes, either!

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Improve Efficiency

Brentwood’s Separator System works in tandem with your chemical treatment program to improve its efficiency, as well as overall tower performance.

Separator System Specifications

Separator System Specifications

Articles & Literature

Articles & Literature

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