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Air Inlet Louvers are installed within the tower air inlet to act as barriers for debris, water splash-out, noise, and sunlight while improving airflow and overall tower appearance.

Brentwood's UV-stabilized PVC cooling tower louvers are rigid and durable with a variety of lengths available for any specific installation need. Our louvers can make an old cooling tower look and work like brand new. We have developed high-quality air inlet louvers that replace old and worn out fiberglass and galvanized steel louvers.

Regular maintenance will be easier and less time consuming with the newer materials. Rigid PVC mounting brackets and assembly frames enable easy installation and cleaning access. An additional advantage may include improved noise control.


  • Pre-assembled modules available in a variety of lengths

  • Rigid, UV-stabilized PVC meets Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) Standard 136

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CL80-Inlet-Louver closeup
Inlet Louvers Specifications

Inlet Louvers Specifications

Complementary Inlet Louver Components

Complementary Inlet Louver Components

BL105 Louver Bracket

This bracket is a rigid PVC extrusion used for mounting inlet louvers to ensure easy, secure installation. It is compatible with standard 4.2-inch corrugated louver blades.

Framed Panel

The optional CL80 and CL100 assembly frames are made of extruded PVC and enable easy installation and cleaning access.

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