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OF21MA Overview

Brentwood’s AccuPac® Offset-Fluted Fills combine the low-fouling characteristics of vertical flow with the enhanced water distribution of cross-fluted designs. OF21MA’s design yields comparable thermal performance to CF1900 but with lower potential for fouling at a lower cost. It is generally used in field-erected and factory-assembled installations for applications where water contains a moderate level of total suspended solids.


  • Available in material meeting Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) Standard 136

  • Mechanically assembled

  • Available with AccuShield technology

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OF21MA Film Fill Features

OF21MA Film Fill Features

Low Fouling Film Fill

Fouling Resistant

Brentwood’s low-fouling fills have been designed to provide a solution for applications with poor water quality, preventing the media from plugging and improving overall tower efficiency.

Vertical Fluted film film bonds

Dedicated Bond Points

Bonded edges create rigid, self-supporting media modules, ensuring accurate assembly and maximum strength.

Cooling Tower Film Fill Assembly

Mechanical Assembly

Brentwood’s patented Mechanical Assembly technology permanently assembles fill packs without glue by crimping the male and female attachment tabs molded into the individual sheets.

Film Fill Specifications

Film Fill Specifications

Articles & Literature
Case Studies

Case Studies

Low Fouling Film Fill

Field-Erected Tower Retrofit at Chemical Plant

Brentwood worked with a chemical manufacturing company in Spain to replace their fill that was experiencing severe fouling. When the fills were removed from the tower, they weighed more than 10x the original weight of the clean fills! The Brentwood team recommended the use of OF21MA, along with an improved water distribution system (AccuSpray Nozzles) and upgraded drift eliminators (CF150MAx). Read the full case study to see how this impacted performance!

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