Blade Drift Eliminators

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Brentwood's blade drift eliminators allow for longer span capabilities and rugged durability due to their heavy gauge blades. They are designed for effective droplet capture and provide a cost-effective drift solution. The heavy gauge blades are held together with end caps to form a module that is lightweight yet strong enough to span up to 10 feet, saving material and labor costs.


  • Available in material meeting Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) Standard 136

  • Designed for counterflow & crossflow applications

  • Easy to assemble on site

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counterflow blade drift eliminators
Drift Eliminator Features

Drift Eliminator Features

Drift Eliminator Nest Modules

Nesting Design

Drift eliminator modules nest with adjoining modules, eliminating gaps between packs and providing seamless drift removal.

Drift Eliminator Blade Span

Span Capability

The strong blade designs of these drift eliminators allow for span capabilities ranging from 6-10 feet.

Drift Eliminator Specifications

Drift Eliminator Specifications

Articles & Literature

Articles & Literature

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