Brentwood’s AccuVent baffles for roof ventilation are designed to save energy for cleaner, greener living spaces. The dual function design creates ventilation channels under the roof sheathing for healthy air circulation while integral baffles prevent wind-washing. AccuVent offers a quick and inexpensive solution for architects, builders, and renovators to ensure proper insulation performance for better energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

AccuVent baffles are adaptable for any application, roof pitch, or truss size and install quickly and easily with just a few staples. They are manufactured from 100% recycled, flame-retardant PVC – a material that is compatible with all insulation types, including spray foam.

Flexible Solution

  • Used for new construction & retrofits

  • Accommodates glass, cellulose, & spray foam insulation

  • Available in High Energy & Cathedral Ceiling configurations

  • Conforms to ENERGY STAR®, LEED®, & EPA Indoor airPLUS best practices

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Best Attic Ventilation


Soffit Vent Installation

Efficient Airflow

Allowing air to flow in and out of the attic space protects roof shingles and prevents moisture buildup and mold growth, improving overall energy efficiency of the home.

Attic Insulation

Full Insulation Coverage

AccuVent allows insulation to be packed out over the top plate and keeps it in place, preventing the insulation from drifting into the soffit openings.

Eaves Ventilation

Quick & Easy Installation

Only one AccuVent unit is required per rafter of truss spacing. It is pre-perforated for easy adjustment and can be stapled in place with just 6-8 staples.

Roof Baffles

Ice Damming Prevention

By maintaining cool, steady attic temperatures, AccuVent works to prevent costly ice dams, which occur when ice and water are able to back up under roof shingles and seep into the attic.



Installing AccuVent

Installing AccuVent

Learn how AccuVent encloses the attic space and maintains healthy airflow.

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Articles & Literature

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