AccuVent® for Manufactured Homes


The popularity of modular homes has drastically increased over the past decade. Because this style of homes is built differently – from the bottom up – it calls for an attic ventilation product that can be placed on top of the rafters before the roof sheeting is attached. AccuVent for Manufactured Homes was specially designed and engineered for this application.

This system works in conjunction with a Drift Blocker to provide high-performance ventilation for manufactured and system-built homes. The Drift Blocker creates an insulation boundary and interfaces with AccuVent to direct air up and over the insulation blanket. Together, these pieces prevent insulation drift and allow for efficient air flow, eliminating costly problems with mold, ice damming, and staining.

Specialty Design

  • Easily integrated into existing homebuilding processes

  • 8-foot vent sheet lengths save labor time on the job site

  • Meets ENERGY STAR® Thermal Bypass Inspection Checklist

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Roof Ventilation for manufactured homes


Accuvent installation

Quick & Easy Installation

Specially designed to facilitate roof assembly of modular homes, AccuVent for Manufactured Homes is available in half- and full-sheet widths for ultimate versatility and easy integration into existing manufacturing processes.

Accuvent insulation blanket model

Superior Insulation Performance

The Drift Blocker allows insulation to be packed out over the tie plate, preventing drift and costly callbacks. Since it is unaffected by the chemical and thermal properties of spray foam, it also provides an ideal spray template.

Accuvent Airflow model

Efficient Airflow

By directing air up and over the insulation blanket, AccuVent for Manufactured Homes provides the necessary airflow for preventing mold and mildew.

Fire Retardant Accublock

Self-Extinguishing Material

Made from rigid PVC, AccuVent for Manufactured Homes has been designed with safety in mind as the material is flame retardant and self-extinguishing.

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