Continuing the Legacy: Third Generation Steps Up as Executive Vice President at Brentwood

We are pleased to announce an important leadership update at Brentwood. It is with great pride and excitement that we introduce Caitlin Banta, who has assumed the role of Executive Vice President.

Under the leadership of the Rye family over the last 50 years, Brentwood has consistently grown and thrived. From humble beginnings, we have evolved into an industry leader, thanks to the dedication, hard work, and innovative spirit that has been passed down through generations. Today, we are excited to see the culmination of that legacy as Caitlin steps into an executive leadership role.

Caitlin brings a wealth of experience to this pivotal position. Her journey with Brentwood began in 2007 and has been marked by building up our corporate functions through a commitment to company culture and our core values. In her new role, Caitlin will work closely with her father, Peter Rye, to gain insight into all divisions of the company and to build major business strategies.

Peter says: “Only 13% of family-owned businesses make it to the third generation of family leadership. I succeeded my father, Palle, in running Brentwood and will now prepare Caitlin for her future role as President. I have no doubt she will excel in this position, leading Brentwood into its next phase.”

As Executive Vice Present, Caitlin will not only carry forward the legacy that Peter and Palle built, but also chart a new course that reflects the evolving landscape of our industries. Her leadership will strengthen our position in the market, foster innovation, and lead us into an exciting new era of Brentwood’s business.

Please join us in congratulating Caitlin on this significant achievement. As a family business, we are deeply proud of the traditions that have shaped us, and we are equally excited about the future that Caitlin will help create.