A New and Improved Brentwood Website

new website mockup 2014

Brentwood is excited to announce the launch of our new website on Monday, November 25th, 2013.  Our internal strategic team collaborated with Synapse Marketing Solutions to create a fresh, user-friendly site that provides an improved source of company, product, and service information.  The new website can be navigated through four menus:

SEGMENTS –  Highlighted on the website’s homepage as the preferred navigation method, Brentwood’s Segments represent the company’s seven areas of business focus.  By clicking “Explore” or directly clicking one of the icons at the bottom of the homepage, the user is directed to an informational page where they can learn about the challenges facing a given industry and gain a general understanding of Brentwood’s related solutions.

PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS – Brentwood’s Products & Solutions menu is designed for users who are more familiar with Brentwood and prefer a direct path to a specific product line or solution.  This can be done by selecting a category from the dropdown menu or searching for a product by name.

BRANDS – For users who identify with one of Brentwood’s legacy brands, the Brands menu reflects recent Brentwood acquisitions and highlights new brand developments.  Each page provides a brand overview along with links to related Brentwood products and sales contacts.

RESOURCES – The Resources section was created to allow website users to stay up to date with the most current product information and company news.  It also features a learning center with educational documents and a document center, which is a consolidated collection of product literature, drawings, and technical specifications.

With integrated responsive design, the website will adapt to the size of the screen on which it is viewed, optimizing accessibility from desktop monitors, tablets, and mobile devices.  The website will be continually updated with news events, product launches, and new content.  We encourage users to create myBrentwood profiles to access the most current and personalized information.