Brentwood Introduces Two New Cooling Tower Fill Products: ShockWave™ & ThermaCross™

ThermaCross ShockWave

Brentwood proudly introduced two new fill media products earlier this month at POWER-GEN International: ShockWave & ThermaCross. Following extensive research and development, the company predicts these products will revolutionize their respective markets within the cooling tower industry. “We are confident that ShockWave will become the new standard for power plants and refineries, and ThermaCross is a true game-changer for cross-fluted, high efficiency fills,” says Chris Bowman, Director of Sales and Business Development – Americas, for Brentwood’s Cooling Tower division.

The ShockWave product is a thermally engineered advancement to standard vertical-fluted fills. Its enhanced vertical flute orientation and patent-pending PowerCurve™ design leverage the fouling resistance of vertical-fluted products with the thermal performance of high-efficiency fills. ShockWave optimizes use of the sheet surface area and incorporates diamond tube channels that provide a clear vertical sight path through the product, maximizing evaporative heat transfer in applications with compromised water, such as power plants, refineries, and steel mills.

The second product, ThermaCross, is a drop-in upgrade for standard 19mm-spaced, cross-fluted fills. Its MicroBoost™ design maximizes the air-water interface for increased thermal capacity and utilizes a more vertical macrostructure for improved fouling resistance. These design features enable ThermaCross to perform up to 13% better than standard 19mm-spaced products, even matching the performance of 12mm-spaced high efficiency fills at higher fill heights. It’s a versatile fill that can be used in practically any clean water application, including HVAC, district cooling, and treated industrial processes.

ShockWave and ThermaCross will be available for purchase in spring 2019, and Brentwood is already working with customers on projects that are scheduled to install in summer and fall 2019.