Brentwood Introduces New Separator System for Cooling Tower Applications

Brentwood Separator System Detail

Brentwood is excited to announce the introduction of its all-new separator system, designed for use in counterflow and crossflow cooling tower applications. This system complements many other cooling tower products Brentwood supplies to the industry, including fills, drift eliminators, and inlet louvers.

The Brentwood Separator System is designed to remove troublesome solids, dirt, and debris from the tower basin or cooling loop. Those organics and sediment that enter the tower through the air inlets or make-up water are the leading cause of early fill replacement, poor tower performance, and downstream equipment efficiency losses.

“With this system, we were really looking to step outside of Brentwood’s comfort zone,” says Joshua Livezey, Product Line Manager for Brentwood’s Cooling Tower division. “We’re known in the industry for fill and drift, and we wanted to be able to offer a complementary system that would extend the life of those products and make the end user’s job easier.”

The Brentwood Separator System boasts a centrifugal separator that efficiently removes most of the suspended solids that lead to fouling in the process cooling loop. This means no more shoveling mud out of the tower basin or worrying about fouling of cooling tower fill or downstream process equipment, like condenser tubes or heat exchanger plates. Because the system doesn’t use filters to remove debris, there is no time or cost wasted with regular filter changes. The system’s motorized purge kit automatically sends sediment to a drain for easy removal, as well, so there is zero cleaning and minimal maintenance required.

Additionally, towers equipped with Brentwood Separator Systems yield the following benefits: 1) reduced energy costs due to pumps and motors not having to work so hard, 2) extended fill life because of decreased fouling potential, 3) less downtime and maintenance costs, and 4) improved efficiencies in chemical treatment and complete tower performance.

To learn more, please reach out to Brentwood’s account management team. Separator system orders are currently being taken for early summer delivery.