Brentwood Acquires Enexio Water Technologies

Brentwood Headquarters

Brentwood is proud to announce its acquisition of Enexio’s Water Technologies business unit. Purchased from Kelvion, this grouping of companies consists of Enexio Water Technologies GmbH, Enexio Water Technologies s.r.o., Enexio UK Ltd., and Shandong Xinde Water Treatment Technology Co. Ltd.

Made official on January 3, 2022, the acquisition provides added capabilities, increased worldwide sales and engineering presence, and new areas of expertise for Brentwood. “This is exciting news, both for Brentwood and Enexio Water Technologies,” says Peter Rye, Brentwood’s President and CEO. “The synergies of products and staff will better position us to serve our customers around the globe.”

Enexio Water Technologies brings the competency of polypropylene processing to Brentwood, provides a platform for introducing Brentwood stormwater management products to the European market and cooling tower products to the Chinese market, and enables Brentwood to enter the mass transfer industry. The integration of these two plastics producers will also enable the growth of Brentwood’s existing products. Combined, Brentwood and Enexio Water Technologies employees have hundreds of years of experience in cooling tower technology and water/wastewater treatment.

Geographically, Brentwood will maintain its existing sites, and acquire from Enexio Water Technologies a manufacturing plant and sales office in Germany, a sales office in England, an assembly operation in the Czech Republic, and a joint venture manufacturing plant in China.