Brentwood Achieves International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) Certification

IRIS certification

Brentwood announced today that its heavy gauge thermoforming, trimming, and assembly departments successfully passed an audit to become IRIS certified. The aim of IRIS is to offer an efficient and transparent system for auditing railway suppliers, ensuring railway components meet globally recognized quality standards.

The achievement of this certification is well-timed as rail authorities are increasingly seeking energy-reducing solutions, making weight savings an important design consideration. Thermoplastic options, such as those offered by Brentwood, provide a lighter alternative to traditional fiberglass reinforced plastic parts, and therefore, contribute to lighter vehicles and energy savings.

“Brentwood is serious about bringing value to our customers,” says Geoffrey Young, Brentwood’s Transportation Product Line Manager. “By achieving the IRIS certification, we are proving our commitment to the future of the rail industry.”


About Brentwood:

Brentwood is a second-generation family business, founded and headquartered in Reading, PA, that specializes in thermoplastic molding and engineered plastic systems. Since the company got its start in 1965, it has developed a diverse product portfolio and extensive plastics manufacturing capabilities, including both heavy- and light-gauge thermoforming and injection molding. With seven domestic sites and three international locations in India, Thailand, and the Czech Republic, Brentwood is well-positioned to serve its global customer base.

In the rail vehicle industry, Brentwood is a premier supplier of custom interior components. With a long history of manufacturing parts for interior trim and seating, the company has developed in-house expertise with custom forming processes and specializes in forming rail-specific, low-smoke, low-toxicity (LST) materials. By partnering with rail authorities to design the part and the process, Brentwood is forming the future of the transportation industry.