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Introducing Brentwood’s Next Generation of Leadership: Caitlin Banta

For a family business like Brentwood’s, the transition of leadership marks not only a shift in management but a pivotal moment in the company’s legacy. The moment is now for Brentwood as Caitlin Banta assumes the role of President &…

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Enexio Water Technologies Entities Renamed to Reflect Brentwood Brand

In early 2022, Brentwood proudly purchased the ENEXIO Water Technologies group of companies from Kelvion (acquisition announcement here). Since then, we’ve been working hard to align people, systems, and processes to create a unified Brentwood. The entity in Germany, previously…

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Brentwood Expands Manufacturing Capacity in Tijuana, Mexico

Brentwood is excited to announce a manufacturing expansion project in Tijuana, Mexico. This development reinforces the company’s commitment to meet growing customer demand and to provide quality products, improved lead times, and increased supply chain resiliency. Coming five years after…

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Brentwood Headquarters
Brentwood Acquires Enexio Water Technologies

Brentwood is proud to announce its acquisition of Enexio’s Water Technologies business unit. Purchased from Kelvion, this grouping of companies consists of Enexio Water Technologies GmbH, Enexio Water Technologies s.r.o., Enexio UK Ltd., and Shandong Xinde Water Treatment Technology Co.…

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