Long Trays

Long Trays

Custom Medical Trays for the Healthcare Packaging Industry


Brentwood started forming long medical trays for the healthcare packaging industry nearly 40 years ago. Today, we lead the industry in our ability to form parts up to 72” long inline. Our Sencorp ULTRA thermoformer accommodates parts up to an overall size of 72” x 34” x 6” and is loaded with features to improve production efficiency and repeatability:

  • Inline Robotics

    The machine’s robotic arms allow for stacking, part removal, and packaging of product. This reduces cycle times and machine operator requirements.

  • Complete Processing Window Control

    7-zone inline infrared sheet temperature sensing ensures tooling validations are accurate, efficient, and repeatable.

  • Quick Change Tooling

    Our quick change master tooling system reduces changeover times and setup costs. It also helps us to control tooling costs, particularly for lower volume projects.

Deep Tubs

Deep Tubs

Deep Medical Packaging Tub


To complement our long tray capabilities, Brentwood is able to form deep tubs and bins at an industry-leading 8-inch inline forming depth. This competency allows for considerable cost savings over sheet-fed processes.

  • Nesting Design

    We offer integrated solutions by designing trays and inserts that are precisely formed to fit inside deep tubs for ease of use.

  • Complementary Materials

    Our in-house design experts can help you choose the best material for your application, balancing factors such as performance, appearance, and cost.

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Healthcare Packaging & Clinical Trials


In an effort to provide sustainable solutions for improving end-procedure efficiency, Brentwood is happy to participate in clinical trial projects. We are consistently innovating in research, design, materials, and manufacturing in order to develop packaging designs that meet your requirements for performance, functionality, and product protection.

  • Run Volume

    The flexibility of Brentwood’s manufacturing process allows us to work on projects with short production runs.

  • Speed to Market

    Our experience with clinical trials will help your packaged product get FDA approval and increase your speed to market.

Design Expertise

Design Expertise

Medical tray design


Many start-up companies do not have the resources to hire design engineers. The Brentwood Medical team is more than willing to step in and work with your team on both product and process design to create new design possibilities that yield properly formed and aesthetically pleasing parts.

  • Part Design

    With extensive thermoforming and materials experience, our team of skilled designers, tool engineers, and CNC programmers works to ensure that the custom-tailored design meets your requirements for performance, functionality, and product protection.

  • Part Drawings

    Packaging development is based on concept sketches, which are later converted to detailed CAD drawings.

  • Prototyping

    Our fused deposition modeling (FDM) rapid prototyping process quickly turns around samples for product testing. As the project progresses, tooling is built, tested, and put into full production.

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