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Cooling Tower Fills & Drift Eliminators
Cooling Tower Water Treatment Recommendations

Brentwood knows that there’s more to your cooling tower than the fill and drift eliminators we supply. In fact, the primary maintenance task for cooling towers revolves around water treatment. Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” water treatment…

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Fill Fouling & The Effect On Tower Performance

Just what are the effects of fouling on a fill, and what does it mean for overall tower performance? This is a question that Brentwood has been researching for a few years. As film fills have evolved and tower owner/operators…

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Does flute geometry and the mode of heat transfer (trickle vs. splash) affect fouling resistance in “wire-frame” cooling tower fills?

At the recently concluded 2017 CTI Annual Conference in New Orleans, Brentwood’s own Angela Zaorski and Bill Miller presented a paper regarding their research into this topic. The purpose of the research was to verify whether the “wire-frame” fills being introduced to…

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Cooling Tower Fill: Hanging Sheets vs. Fill Blocks

We continuously receive calls from cooling tower owners describing the following: “I have a metal crossflow tower that has been operating for a few years now, and there are a lot of water droplets coming out of the top of…

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