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Cellular Drift Eliminator
What is Drift & How Can We Minimize it?

In evaporative cooling applications, the word drift is used to describe the small water droplets that escape the cooling tower within the air stream. Drift is not to be confused with plume, which is the cloud- or mist-like result of…

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Flammability of Fills
Test Methods for the Flammability of Cooling Tower Media

Cooling towers are built from several different materials: wood, metal, and plastics just to name a few. Each of these materials of construction has an inherent risk in its ability to ignite, sustain, and spread a fire event. To properly…

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constant at variable airflows
Does a drift eliminator’s drift rating stay constant at variable airflows?

  To answer this question, we must first start with the basics of drift eliminators. Drift eliminators aid in the removal of water droplets from an airstream in a cooling tower. They work by changing the direction of the airflow…

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Cooling tower drift eliminators
How Material of Construction Relates to Drift Elimination

The two most common polymers used in cooling tower fills and drift eliminators are polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polypropylene (PP). Both materials offer the benefits of durability, compatibility with the water environments of most cooling towers and processes, and cost-effective…

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