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Choosing The Right Fill Based On Water Quality

Brentwood often gets emails for a situation that goes something like, “Here is a report showing the water for my cooling tower. What fill should I use?” That’s a good question to ask, although answering it at times can be a…

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Cooling Towers
What Does 1 Degree Colder Water Mean To You?

When most people think of temperature, like the temperature outside for instance, a 1˚ difference doesn’t have much of an effect. But when we’re discussing the cooling process, as you may know, it can make a world of difference! By…

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How Brentwood’s ShockWave™ Fill Provides a Better Balance of Efficiency & Fouling Resistance

The new ShockWave fill’s enhanced vertical-flute design helps to narrow the typical compromise that choice of fill typically entails: cooling performance vs. fouling resistance. When the very first film fills were introduced, the industry was in awe of the compact…

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When To Use A Stainless Steel Fill

Brentwood’s ability to manufacture a wide range of products for our customers is not necessarily limited to our ability to do so in plastics. Some customers are actually seeing an increase in the need for fill products made from other…

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