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Crossflow Test Cell
Approach & Range, Explained

A question Brentwood occasionally receives from customers is: “Why is my tower not performing as designed?” Along with the inquiry, we are typically given the hot and cold water operating temperatures for their tower and an observation that the difference…

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Brentwood's Metallic Inlet Louvers
All-New Metallic Inlet Louvers

Brentwood is excited to announce our new metallic inlet louvers, designed to complement our existing metallic products. The metallic louvers are intended for use with Brentwood’s metallic fill and metallic drift eliminators. All are ideal for non-combustible, high-temperature applications and are corrosion resistant.…

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Specific Surface Area’s Impact on Cooling

In the past when people would try to evaluate and compare different fills to each other, one of the pieces of data they would want to know is the Specific Surface Area (SSA) of a fill. SSA is the amount of…

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Brentwood Separator System
Process Cooling Loop Filtration: Installation Methods

In a recent blog article, we established the importance of mechanical filtration and reviewed a few common types for cooling tower applications. One of the key considerations for a tower owner when going through the selection process is to determine…

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