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AccuVent: Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need AccuVent? AccuVent acts as an all-in-one wind-wash barrier and vent. Without a wind-wash barrier, air enters the attic freely and flows above the insulation in the ceiling, greatly reducing its R-Value. This can cause moisture buildup…

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Can I order wheelbarrow replacement parts?

If you purchased your Brentwood wheelbarrow in or after 2013, the answer is yes! Replacement parts are available. Click this link to see details and part numbers and then find your local distributor to purchase. If you purchased a wheelbarrow…

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Brentwood Wheelbarrow assembly
How to Assemble a Brentwood Wheelbarrow

The following video details how to assemble a standard 6-cube Brentwood wheelbarrow with one tire.

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Durable Wheelbarrow
Built for Work: Why the Design of your Wheelbarrow Matters

Brentwood began manufacturing plastic wheelbarrow pans in 1989, at the request of a farm-owning customer in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Leading up to that, Brentwood’s shop was filled with small, custom plastics jobs. That experience helped our team to develop a very…

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