Life Expectancy Analysis Program

Free Life Expectancy Testing

At Brentwood, we know it’s what’s inside your tower that matters most. Your process is paramount, so you need optimized cooling tower products and components to support it.

We’re willing to test your fill and drift eliminator packs for brittleness to determine projected life expectancy and product performance. You’ll receive a full engineering report with photos to support our findings as well as Brentwood’s recommendations for improvement.


  • Provide your info by filling out the form
  • Remove 2 ft3 of fill or drift from your tower, or find a local contractor to remove it for you. If you are interested in doing more than one test, you must complete more than one LEAP submission. For example, if you’d like to test the fill and drift from your tower, please submit the form to the left twice, once for the fill and once for the drift.
  • Ship the material to our testing facility and be sure to include the shipping insert generated by submitting the form. If you do not include the shipping insert, we will not test the material!
  • Shipping Address:
    • Brentwood Industries, Inc.
      Attn: R&D Lab
      500 Spring Ridge Dr.
      Reading, PA 19610
  • Shipping Method:
    • Up to you!
  • We’ll send you the results in less than 3 weeks!

Complete this form in order to sign up for L.E.A.P., Brentwood’s free program that helps you plan for fill and drift eliminator replacements.

    Thank you for signing up for L.E.A.P.! Be sure to print out your Shipping Insert to send in with your fill or drift.

    L.E.A.P. Shipping Insert:

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