Consider us an extension of your team. A partnership with Brentwood includes a reliable support team that works with you from start to finish to develop and execute the best manufacturing strategy for your product.


Our sales and account management teams are here to guide you from initial inquiry through product and process design to post-manufacturing. These teams offer consistent points of contact and are personally monitoring your project every step of the way.

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We are dedicated to reliability, precision, innovation, quality, and, most importantly, communication and collaboration. By building relationships with your team and ensuring our vision and values are aligned, we can guarantee the final product is delivered as expected.

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When it comes to design, our in-house engineering team is invaluable. We’ll guide you through both part and process design, including everything from material selection to quality control.


Part design is admittedly Brentwood’s favorite step in the development process. With extensive thermoforming and materials experience, our team of skilled designers, tool engineers, and CNC programmers works to ensure the custom-tailored design meets your requirements for performance and functionality. The part design and prototyping process also aids project planning and can reduce scrap rates to save time and money.

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Choosing the appropriate plastic material for your application is an essential step in developing a successful finished part. By working with you to understand the parameters of your project, we’re able to help you choose the best, most-cost effective method to achieve your goals.

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Our internal project management team is well-practiced at working with complex timelines and deadlines. We ensure the process flows smoothly from the first tooling order through final delivery. After that, project management works directly with our customer service team to make sure you can easily reorder parts.

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Brentwood’s quality management system is integrated into every step of the development process, guaranteeing consistent products that meet or exceed your expectations. With the end user in mind, we continue to innovate in research and design, providing efficient solutions that simplify handling and reduce material use.

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You won’t find many thermoformers that offer both heavy- and light-gauge capabilities, plus injection molding! Brentwood also manages tooling needs and post-manufacturing services such as decorative painting and part assembly.


After collaborating with you throughout the design, prototyping, and approval processes, we utilize the knowledge gained to develop high-quality production tooling. All production tooling is produced using top quality materials and is precision machined to the highest tolerances. Post-production, all tools are carefully stored and maintained for future runs.

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Brentwood works closely with our thermoforming customers to develop and execute the best manufacturing strategy for products of all shapes and sizes. In addition to vacuum and pressure thermoforming, our capabilities include twin sheet forming, decorative paint film and texture applications, and specialty material forming.

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Brentwood produces injection molded structural and decorative components for the transportation, medical, consumer, agricultural, aircraft, and other manufacturing industries. Our solutions range from detailed medical components to industrial-grade conveyor chain, optimized for durability, appearance, and uniformity.

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Thermoplastic parts often require additional hardware in order to interface with the other components of the project. Brentwood’s assembly team joins these parts with the adhesive and mounting equipment necessary to produce fully completed assemblies. This ensures all parts can be easily incorporated into the final build.

Custom Rail Parts


Brentwood’s quality management system is integrated into every step of the development process, guaranteeing consistent products that meet our customer’s expectations. Our multidisciplinary team is involved throughout the development of a product, ensuring that all internal departments have ownership of each project from concept through finished product. We integrate rigorous testing and quality checks into every step of the process to ensure consistent production of high-quality parts.

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Brentwood’s logistics and inventory services are designed to make the customer’s job easier. Combining cutting-edge tech with decades of experience, we deliver peace of mind.


Our expectation is that product is delivered to you in the same condition in which it left Brentwood’s facility. We develop custom packaging designs to protect your parts while they are in transit and work with the most reliable freight companies so that you receive the product on time and on par with Brentwood’s quality standards.

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