Herringbone Film Fill

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AccuPac Crossflow Herringbone Fills utilize a proven herringbone surface design to distribute water evenly over the entire fill area for high thermal performance. The fill packs have honeycomb bonded edges on the air inlets and outlets, plus interlocking offsets that space the sheets to form strong, stackable packs.


  • Material exceeds Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) Standard 136
  • Engineered herringbone surface for even water distribution
  • Bottom-supported by Brentwood’s XF Support System

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Herringbone Film Media


High Thermal Performance

Herringbone fills provide a high level of efficiency that is nicely balanced with fouling resistance for increased tower performance.

Herringbone Surface

The engineered herringbone surface allows for even water distribution, and honeycomb bonded edges on the air inlets and outlets for strength.

Bottom Supported

Herringbone fills are bottoms supported, allowing basins to be easily cleaned out and maintained.



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