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AccuPac® Herringbone Film Fills for crossflow cooling tower systems utilize a proven herringbone surface design to distribute water evenly over the entire fill area for high thermal performance. The fill packs have honeycomb bonded edges on the air inlets and outlets, plus interlocking offsets that space the sheets to form strong, stackable packs.

Brentwood has invested heavily in research, development and testing of all cooling tower fill and drift eliminator products over the years. We have collected results from thousands of high-performing installations. Whether your needs are for counterflow or crossflow tower applications, we can provide expert, data-driven recommendations for the correct fill replacement to meet existing design criteria or improve upon older tower installations.


  • Material exceeds Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) Standard 136

  • Engineered herringbone surface for even water distribution

  • Bottom-supported by Brentwood’s XF Support System

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Cooling Tower Crossflow herringbone
Herringbone Film Fill Features

Herringbone Film Fill Features

Herringbone Film Fill Efficiency Chart

High Thermal Performance

Herringbone fills provide a high level of efficiency that is nicely balanced with fouling resistance for increased tower performance.

Herringbone Film Fill Surface Area

Herringbone Surface

The engineered herringbone surface allows for even water distribution, and honeycomb bonded edges on the air inlets and outlets for strength.

Film Fill Support Structure

Bottom Supported

Herringbone fills are bottoms supported, allowing basins to be easily cleaned out and maintained.

Herringbone Film Fill Specifications

Herringbone Film Fill Specifications

Articles & Literature

Articles & Literature

Case Studies

Case Studies

NFL Stadium Crossflow Tower Repack

The on-site cooling tower at a popular NFL stadium in the U.S. recently needed to replace their fill and drift eliminators. Brentwood improved the tower’s performance by providing bottom-supported XF75 packs and a combination of integral and stand-alone drift eliminators.

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Replacement of Hanging Sheets with Bottom-Supported Fill

After years of operation, a factory-assembled crossflow cooling tower in Columbus, Ohio, was due for an upgrade. The hanging sheets were experiencing stresses from fouling, so Brentwood suggested bottom-supported fill as a replacement and an upgraded drift solution.

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New Fill for Field-Erected Tower at University

A tower that was providing comfort cooling to a university in North Carolina utilized OEM hanging sheet material that was failing and falling out of the tower. Brentwood improved the tower’s performance by providing bottom-supported XF75 packs.

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Upgrading Plugged Fill & Improving Drift Issues

A two-cell tower in Baltimore, Maryland, was experiencing fouling to the degree that its fill was plugged. Brentwood suggested a high-efficiency, bottom-supported fill with integral drift eliminators as an upgraded replacement.

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