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Bar-type crossflow splash bar fills are often considered when compromised waters are used for make-up, when there may be a high degree of dust or sand in the environment, or when process contaminants may be harmful to film-type fills. Splash fills work by interrupting the water stream with splash surfaces that cause the droplets to break up into smaller droplets. As more droplets are created, the air-water interface is increased, allowing for accelerated cooling and evaporation.


  • Provide highest fouling resistance of all fill designs

  • For use in highly compromised waters

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Splash Bar Fill Specifications

Splash Bar Fill Specifications

Complementary Components

Complementary Components

Splash Bar Fill Clips

Splash Clips

Bar-type splash fills simply snap into splash clips for easy installation. The extended tabs and raised center rib secure the bars, preventing wear on both the wire hanger and the fill itself. Brentwood splash clips are made of polypropylene copolymer, a high impact-resistant material that remains flexible at a wide range of temperatures. Each clip is 4 inches (100mm) wide and weighs 0.19 ounces (5 g).

Splash Bar Fill Hangar Brackets

Wire Grid Hanger Brackets

Brentwood Hanger Brackets are designed to evenly distribute the load of the wire hanging system. Unlike the point loading of staples or nails, these brackets provide full-width support and minimize wire bending, wear, and breakage. They are delivered pre-notched to your specifications and pre-drilled for nailing. Brackets are available with or without a lip, and heavy-duty brackets are available for installations with higher loadings.

Splash Fill PVC Wire Hangers

PVC-Coated HDG Wire Hangers

Brentwood recommends a heavy-duty hanging system that is designed and constructed for the harsh environments inside cooling towers.

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Articles & Literature

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