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Brentwood's AccuPac® Modular Splash Fills are designed to be installed in both counterflow and crossflow towers where high thermal performance is required but poor water quality does not permit the use of film fills.

Where these types of conditions are present, modular splash packs will decrease fouling as compared to a cross-fluted fill design that operates by trickling the water along it’s structural members with secondary dripping.

If the best selection for a compromised water application is a wire-frame product and long-term performance is important, our research clearly shows that the more vertical-fluted products are indeed much more fouling resistant and will provide colder water for a lot longer time. This is the same, proven, results that we see with film fills.


  • Designed for counterflow & crossflow applications

  • High-thermal-performance alternative to film fills

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Splash Fill Features

Splash Fill Features

Splash Fill Efficiency Chart

Fouling Resistant

As an alternative to film fills, modular splash fills balance high efficiency with fouling resistance.

Cooling Tower Splash Fill Modular Design

Open Design

Brentwood’s modular splash fills feature an open design that is ideal for applications with high levels of suspended solids.

HTP25 Specifications

HTP25 Specifications

TurboSplash Specifications

TurboSplash Specifications

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