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CFUltra Overview

Brentwood’s CFUltra is the highest performing drift eliminator in the industry, with a drift rating 20-50% better than any other product on the market. It has been independently tested and third-party verified, offering ground-breaking drift reduction – without increasing pressure drop – over the industry-standard CF80MAx. With drift loss of 0.0004%, down to 0.00025%, CFUltra eliminates the need for use of double layers to achieve high drift removal efficiency and is a perfect drop-in upgrade for existing installations.


  • Available in material meeting Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) Standard 136

  • Available with AccuShield technology

  • Mechanically assembled, glue-free packs

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CFUltra Features

CFUltra Features

CFUltra Drift Eliminator Performance

High Performance

CFUltra leads the industry in drift elimination. It has been designed and tested to exceed industry standards.

Drift Eliminator Nest Modules

Nesting Design

Drift eliminator modules nest with adjoining modules, eliminating gaps between packs and providing seamless drift removal.

Drift Eliminator Cellular Span

In-Field Adjustability

Brentwood’s counterflow drift eliminators are capable of spanning up to 6 feet, requiring fewer supports to minimize air blockage. They can also be field-cut for tight fits without sacrificing structural integrity.

Specifications (CF)

Specifications (CF)

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