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CF1900SS Overview

For special applications where extreme temperatures or flammability concerns restrict the use of polymer materials, Brentwood has developed CF1900SS. This fill is the metallic version of the popular CF1900, offering a high-performance structured packing made from 304L stainless steel.


  • Non-combustible and corrosion resistant

  • Edge-bonded using precisely located resistance welds

  • Crush resistance of 2,500 psf (120Kn/m2)

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CF1900SS Film Fill Features

CF1900SS Film Fill Features

Cooling Tower Cross-Fluted Fill Efficiency

Highly Efficient

Cross-fluted fills offer the highest level of efficiency of all film fill designs, improving heat transfer and maximizing overall tower performance.

Cooling Tower Fill Media Water Distribution

Improved Water Distribution

The engineered microstructure incorporated into cross-fluted fills enhances water distribution and thermal mixing.

Film Fill Specifications

Film Fill Specifications

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